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DaiTime Japan with Daisha "Daiwu" Hunter

Friday, November 14, 2008

Everybody N.O.S.E. I Love N.E.R.D.!

I've been waiting for N.E.R.D. to come back to Tokyo since Spring Groove back in April! This was the 3rd Anniversary of Pharrell's BBC/Ice Cream Store in Harajuku. N.E.R.D performed at Zepp Tokyo and you know I had to be there stage side to sing along with Pharrell and Shae!(Chad we would like to see you sometime-Thanks) Teriyaki Boyz and DJ NIGO opened. Famlay joined N.E.R.D on stage occasionally.

Jumpin around with the crazy Japanese fans-pushin them out the way, screaming all of the words to the songs, and making sure N.E.R.D. knows I love them, had my hair all sweated out, but mission accomplished!

Time of my life, being able to get on stage and rock out to "Everybody N.O.S.E." and "She Wants To Move", then meeting Pharrell backstage!

Get it Philly on the instruments! Shout out to L for kickin' it with me.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween in Japan

Japan doesn't trick or treat, and has no idea what to do with those tons of costumes they carry all year around, and the Halloween decorations that appeared in the stores. But we know how to spook the natives and have a good time!

From house parties to club hopping-Halloween was a blast in Tokyo!

"Bet You Don't Know Who This Is!"
Can you name these costumes?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Best in Burlesque ARTertainment in Tokyo!

Fun for everyone! Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, began in NYC and is now held in cities across the world. is where the beautiful Lady Elle hosts the best in Burlesque ARTertainment in Japan. Every 4th Wednesdai of the month, amateur and professional sketchers are welcomed to come and draw the burlesque beauties, featured for the evenings performance. Dr. Sketchy's is held at The Pink Cow in Shibuya, at 7pm, for ¥2,000/1 drink and a night of contests. Bring your sketch pads and pencils, and let the music vibes from DJ Dai*Light set the mood as the models unveil throughout their fairytale acts!

Cherry Typhoon (Burlesque Model/Dancer) and
DJ Dai*Light

Cherry Typhoon Posing for Sketchers

Halloween Tunes from the Devil in a Blue Dress

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby-Absolut Ice Bar Tokyo

Cold Chillin on Froze!
I hate wintertime, but I wanted to experience the Absolute Icebar. It helps that it was hot and humid as summer outside.

¥3,500 admission for 45 minutes
Includes warm cape rental, gloves, and one drink in your own ice glass.

The interior was beautiful, and it smelled so crisp. There was a really good smell in there and the bartender said it was the juice. The ice glass was neat, and it made me want some Kool-Aid! The drink was good too. The ice for the entire bar was transported from Sweden. The bartender says they keep about 2,000 glasses frozen in stock.

This was worth the experience. But for that price I could go to an amusement park and not freeze my butt off. We ended up leaving after 20 minutes. I may pay it another visit if I ever get injured and need some ice.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Go DJ She Wants to DeeJay!

I have always loved music and wanted to work in radio. I've been a DJ in my head and on the dance floor, but wouldn't have actually made the leap to try to do it without living here in Japan. The DJ capital country. All the equipment, venues, and opportunities you need!

At this moment, I actually have no idea what I'm doing, except playing the music I like. If it weren't for all of my DJ friends around me to guide my purchases on equipment and help me out in anyway I need, I'd really be lost. Thank you DJ Herk and Jason for always being one instant message away on info about Serato and Macs.

DJ C. Geez, who is my vinyl sensei and anti-Serato only, nicknamed me DJ S-Mix last year for only having a Serato and mixer for the longest, until I moved and he helped me find my 12s! Arigato, the headaches shall begin:) WAX ON, WAX OFF! Literally.

My friend Monique, party organizer, was looking for a female DJ for her girly "Pretty in Pink" party this summer. I told her I have my equipment but I'm not ready to do a party. She told me there will be other DJs, and I'd be fine in a month, just get the music together. So I gathered my selection on the Serato and figured out how to work it. Of course my main concern besides Hip Hop and the girly commercial Rap&B for the party, was to play my favorite club genre, Baltimore Club music. It just so happened that the Baltimore Club Queen DJ K-Swift passed away just weeks before my 1st party. I was so hurt, and hope to be a piece of the Club DJ that she was, R.I.P.
I was trying to think of a name, not any of my tons of nicknames I already had, but something else. I always use the D.A.I. in my name "day", hence DaiTime. I spoke to my dad to come up with some more. I'm in Japan, and starting my career here so what better than being in Japan, "The Land of the Rising Sun", then to be DJ Dai*Light. It all blends with my theme of of the "Dai", and shining light.
The Pretty in Pink party was my first ever DJ experience, no cuttin/skratchin, just making sure the music comes out right and blends. I was so nervous, but with all of my friends and Sorors there, and other DJs varying their music and style, it was so much fun. Shout out to all those who were there from BMore! Thank you for rockin off with me BJ!

The party was fun and the guavaberry liquor was delicious too! Besides that fact that I had to wear my #1 least favorite color-Pink, I had a ball! Looking forward to the next one.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

DaiTime Osaka-Fatness First (All You Can Eat)

Thank you Darrell Gartrell for showing me around Osaka. Japan African American Friendship Association (JAFA) Founder and President, super successful entrepreneur, and a great source of inspiration!

I never knew love like this! I never knew! I am a banana lover of all things flavored after the wonderful fruit. When I stopped at the "Dig Me Out" Diner and browsed the menu for dessert and came across the "Hot Banana Cake" I couldn't resist. This made me speechless...I can only recommend go eat it yourself! Spongy, warm, goodness!

This restaurant was near my hostel, and I happened to wander in on a hungry evening. The wood interior was nice, but I really marveled over the upstairs and how the floor was made of pebbles, and slabs of rocks, that also led into the bathroom and covered the ground. My selection of Tempura was set off when it was garnished with black pebbles.
The variety of seafood and miscellaneous deep fried items were delicious. You aways know a good restaurant by the selection of tsukemono(pickled dishes) that they bring to you in the beginning.

I love Gyoza (chinese dumplings) and fried rice. I want giant gyoza graff on my kitchen wall!

Okonomiyaki (As You Like Pancake) was originated in Osaka. I couldn't wait to come eat it in it's birthplace. In Osaka, you can get it with noodles, which is extra fatness!
The only thing I don't like is that unlike the chain restaurants like DohTohBori,
where you experience the pleasure of cooking it at your own table.

Osakans don't want you to touch the Okonomiyake and they will cook it for you themselves!

DaiTime Osaka-Aquarium Kaiyukan

Ayaka told me I had to visit this aquarium while I was in Osaka. It was beautiful. It is one of the largests in the world!


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