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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fatness First: The Exclusive Pepsi Collection

Because my grandmother loves Pepsi, I have made it a hobby to collect and mail her 2 bottles of the newest Pepsi flavors, only marketed in Japan. I first started with the release of:

Cucumber Pepsi: Taste-extra sweet fruity flavors-not a cucumber taste, Color-light marine green

Blue Hawaii Pepsi: Taste-lemon/pineapple-ish flavor, Color-aqua blue

White Yogurt: Taste-should have been a soft Calpis taste, but it tasted as hard and strong as regular Pepsi despite the color-cloudy white

Shiso Pepsi (Japanese word for Perilla "mint family" herb): Taste-like fresh ginger, Color-light green

~See my brother Josh’s pictures in the August 2009 archive when he came to visit-not a fan of Shiso. Actually noone was and they sat for months in crates and the price dropped to 88yen (80 cents) a bottle. It should have been 2 for $1!~

Azuki (Red bean): Taste-sweet and weird, Color-burgundy

I wonder what we’ll drink of next…?

Friday, December 11, 2009

My 1st Suicide Train

Japan really needs to get it together culturally, spiritually, etc. Not like the rest of the world is doing any better with or without Jesus or Buddha as their Master focus. I swear, this is such a detached nation mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. (Prime Examples: No physical contact with each other or signs of affection-unless a young couple holding hands, never smiling, no general communication with each other, no physical contact in photographs-only standing in groups holding peace signs, inability to express emotion even if in danger or harm, no peripheral vision or common sense of self and others in the surrounding. Yes, this is a generalization.)

After being a passenger on a train, riding in the first car that not only ran over the person, and we heard and felt rumble under our feet from the train floor, but also witnessed the remains being retrieved as we had to exit a half an hour later; I was pretty upset!

I made it to work an hour late, followed by another teacher who was on the same train in another car. On our way to a class together we were discussing why she was late, and I told her I was in car 1 and that the whole situation messed me up. We proceeded to the classroom where she tells the 1st year Jr. high school students what happened, in Japanese, with no emotion and no empathy. It was as if some cool but weird thing happened and nothing more. Like a human loosing their life really had no value to their society.

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Being that families are paid life insurance money regardless of cause of death, is one reason people commit suicide so often. We may think of suicide as selfish and having whatever religious consequences we believe, but out here it is a sacrificial decision to take care of the family finances. Recently, train lines have been suing families for the problems caused by a person killing themselves on their tracks, in order to reduce suicide by jumping in front of trains. It is common to see updates that a train line is delayed due to "human accident," as it translates. With 12 million people in Tokyo, and double that amount during commute hours, train suicides are highly inconvenient.

We joke about train jumpers all of the time, although it isn't funny, but it is viewed as a nuisance more than anything because Japanese are so used to it. It is one thing to be desensitized to a situation, but when it happens and you see it, and you speak about it like it doesn't matter, you are dehumanized. As much as people kill each other at home and we get desensitized to the news of it, we can't not relate to the fact that someone has died, and the greater effect it has on the community, no matter what. We don't retell the story like some casual, careless roadkill situation.

Here is my play by play from the train:
Im in the 1st train car. Nice sleep, just woke up a lil to reposition myself. the train pulls off, we get a nice speed,then all of a sudden, sounds like a big toy car or electric iron was thrown on the track.something loud rumbles under the train like its trailing down, can feel it under our feet. the lights flicker on and off.

thought i was going to die but the train slowed to a stop.

is this my 1st suicide train? ewww mad i felt it. please pray for japan-different value of suicide.

well that wasnt what i imagined,not that loud and disturbing anyway. body must have knocked something off from under the train.

i learned a new japanese phrase from this-jishin jiko
someone got hit by a train
thanks Eboni sensei! i prefer, someone hit the train with their body!

they need to turn the heat back on-i know that! been sittin here a half hour! wait! and now they making us exit through to the other end of the train!

man keep the train movin! this aint csi! dont need investigating! its rainin itll wash off!

OMG! i am not outside in the cold right now!
Oh My God! They are pickin up bloody pieces and chunks in white plastic bags! WHITE though!? All that see thru! Disgusting! And hauling his carcass on a stretcher right AT the platform escalator! WTF!
I coulda stayed on the train! Damn Japan! this morning gets a giant FAIL!
BJ where is ur humor when i need it? im thoroughly disturbed!

i want to go home! im in a long bathroom line and dont know how to get to work from here!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


November 9-15th, 2009 marks Japan Music Week in Tokyo Japan's Shibuya and surrounding districts. As part of my graduate school portfolio, I joined JMW as my volunteer organization this year and I'm producing The ヌヌ "Close Listen" Intimate Artist Showcase & Networking party in Omotesando on Thursdai, November 12th. The following are a list of all of my events and the artists that will be included.

If you are in Tokyo this week, please enjoy and come get connected with me ENTokyo.

Thurs. Nov. 12 The Nu Nu "Close Listen" Performance & Networking Party with Japanese & American Artists 7pm-11pm (Omotesando)
Live filming of "Art in Hidden Places" Hosted by Daisha "Daiwu" Hunter

Fri. Nov. 13th "2 Turntables & A Mic" (Shibuya)
Open Turntables/Open Mic Night 7pm-11pm

Sat. Nov. 14 O.K.K.O. Presents Maggie Horn
DJ Party from 9pm~5am (Roppongi)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I celebrated all week and I had to make sure Tokyo was warmed up early in the weekend with my Boxer friend Katieちゃん!

Then I took the night with my 渋谷ガル Crew!

Halloween was fun! If you were in Tokyo and you didn't hit the streets of Roppongi, you missed the true Halloween Parade!

My friends and I went dressed as Shibuya girls, decorated in too much makeup, crazy clothing combos, huge purses/shopping bags, ultra nails, and too big hair!

It wouldn't be real without a trip to PuriKuraプリクラブ!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My 1 Year Anniversary @ Dr. Sketchy's Tokyo

Burlesque. Drawing. Party. Drinks. Music. Contests. Crazy. Fun. Tokyo.

I was never good at art or drawing and I wasn't familiar with Burlesque entertainment. Last year, when Lady Elle, the host and organizer of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School in Tokyo put a post out for a DJ needed at her monthly event, I thought it would be fun to practice my new hobby at something as interesting as a burlesque art event.

Every month the colorful cast hosts an event The Pink Cow in Shibuya, which features a Burlesque model or performer who struts, dances, and poses for the audience during 3 acts of fun contests, music, and sketch challenges.

This September marked my 1 year anniversary as Dr. Sketchy Tokyo's Anti-Art School's resident DJ. I made a special mix CD, The Best of Burlesque Act 1 for those sketch monkey's starting a one year membership.
If you are ever in Tokyo, bring your pencils and pads and come through to the best in
Burlesque Artertainment!

DJ Dai*Light

Monday, September 14, 2009

日本's Attention to Details

Fatness First: Product Alert!

Thank you Japan for paying attention to details. This is why I need to stay out of the ¥100 ($1) store! I found this cute pack of erasers shaped like cup-o-noodles and ramen bowls. I just started using it not too long ago (Yes, I still use pencils and notebooks-I'm a jotting brainstormer). I noticed something rattling around inside but didn't pay attention to it at first. So finally I said, let me see if I can pry back this lid on the top and there better not be noodles in it. Sure enough, they put a little noodle shaped eraser inside the bowl shaped eraser. I opened the other one to double check that also!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ghost Hunter

Waiting for the best of my Ghost photos by Holgar Karas, a German goth, bondage, and fetish photographer here in Tokyo. We shot in Yoyogi Park, near Harajuku. The rest of the photos look sick! I always wanted to be in a horror movie-this is a start:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My 1st Red Carpet: G.I. Joe Japan Premier

I had the opportunity to attend the Japan premier and red carpet of G. I. Joe. I didn’t know what to expect because I forgot what the theme of the cartoon was besides an army, and I remember the action figures. I watched trailers and interviews but I wasn’t sure what to expect from Marlon Wayans. I would have cast Tyrese in the role by default. He seems to always play in films like these.

G.I. Joe premiered the same day as the release in the USA. I got to watch the screener and interview cast on the red carpet at Tokyo’s LaLaPort. I first spoke with Sienna Miller who played Baroness. She was very pleasant. I forgot to ask her about filming in that leather outfit. I definitely want to be her for Halloween! Then the producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura spoke with me. He was so kind and just seemed like a jolly man without Christmas! I was there to film for FOX Backstage Pass and Access E Online. On the carpet, we were flagged to only speak with those two, but after Marlon Wayans passed the first Japanese interviewer and spotted me he said, “Hey! You’re not Asian”! We began talking, and he is definitely a ball of energy and comedy. I laughed the whole time he went down the carpet messing with the other interviewers. I’m definitely looking forward to the next “White Chicks” movie. That had my Grandmom and I rolling! Channing Tatum is fine on and off screen and Rachael Nichols is tall and gorgeous in person. Byung-hun Lee gets all the love in Asia! Now that is a handsome dude!

I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I expected the action, great CG and fighting. There was non-stop action though and my eyeballs were hurting. I wanted to blink but couldn’t. I thought the movie was funny and kept jokes coming. Marlon did a great job because he wasn’t playing a serious role I had predicted, but was able to be mildly comical and not overdo it. I thought the story flowed well and I look forward to the sequels.

Friday, July 31, 2009

My Brother's DaiTime in Tokyo

I've been blessed to have 3 of my family members visit me in the past year. My dad came last August, my grandmother came during cherry blossom season, and my little brother came for summertime. He starts college this year and I had to make sure he enjoyed his time in Tokyo. I think it ruined him really. I don't know how you go back to life in the U.S. after experiencing this as a young man!

Arcades+Diverse Friends+Game Nites+Musical Performances+Horse Sushi+Korean BBQ+Curry Rice+Sake+Shibuya+Harajuku+Roppongi Clubs+Block Party in Yoyogi Park+Crowded Trains+Morning After-Club Commutes+Museums+Lupe Fiasco, Cool Kids, and Mickey Factz Live @ The Club+Rollercoasters+Beach BBQ+Mt. Fuji @ Sunset+Fireworks+Ferris Wheels+Incorrect Engrish+Chopsticks+Noodles+Late Nites+Early Mornings...

College is fantastic and I am excited for him! Japan will be waiting for him to come back!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Put Your Tea On" The Calm-A-Sutra of Tea 2009 Scholarship Entry

Friday, June 26, 2009

さようならMichael Jackson

Friday morning, I awoke at 6:30 am and turned on Wendy Williams online and heard The King of Pop was rushed to the hospital. I just knew he was going to be fine. He is Michael Jackson! As we were commuting to work here in the Far East, news of Michael Jackson's death spread through text messages. I couldn't believe it and I sat at my desk dumbfounded all morning. I told my junior high school students that Michael Jackson had passed away, and after they translated what I said from English to Japanese, they gasped and said "What!? Really!" I told them to watch the news and read newspapers. The following week consisted of singing Michael Jackson songs and watching "Thriller" and them learning that Michael Jackson was Black and actually had brown skin and an afro when he was younger. Many of the students grew up on the white skinned Michael Jackson and had no idea. I was happy that the teachers I work with wanted to pass on the legacy of Micheal Jackson, many of which bought in their own CDs and talked about how they enjoyed his music.

The foreign community celebrated his life all weekend. I immediately called for a visit to karaoke singing only Michael Jackson tunes, so friends and I got together to sing and dance. Then we spent the weekend attending clubs and DJ sets of M.J. only.

I am still in disbelief but I know he will live forever. He definitely was the only person in the entire world to bring everyone together of all ages, races, and cultures through his entertaining and music alone. I really hope another Michael Jackson star arises in another generation, even if I don't live to see it.

Rest in more peace than you had on this earth Mike. I hope you find your childhood...

Monday, May 4, 2009


I went to "The Ghetto" with my friends todai. It was weird to roll up on a building that looked like this, in Shin Okubo, "Korea Town," next to Shinjuku. I didn't know what to expect. I thought it was a biker gang hangout, like in "The Golden Child."
It turned out to be a restaurant & bar-Hells Kitchen, art gallery, shops, and Hip Hop/skater hangout.
This is a cool, Hip Hop, skate haven, with a real ramp built inside one of the rooms, and some of the oldest Hip Hop memorabilia all over the place. "Wild Style," and Fat Boys videos were playing on VHS and projector screens. There was graffiti DJs were free to get up and spin on the tables as the wished.

Upstairs held a small art gallery-HYAKU, and a children's skateboard clothing store-FLAKE, along with a section of throwback figurines and toys.
B-Girl and DJ, Sarasa led us into "The Ghetto" and I can't wait to go back for some live graff, breakin', skating, and Hip Hop!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

End of Cherry Blossom Season Haiku

I'm trying to do laundry and hang my clothes outside, but seeing as I am on a Cherry Blossom tree lined street, there are petals falling all over the balcony. These are some haiku I just made.

Blowing pink petals
Swirl as they fall to the ground
Short lived Sakura

Blossoms fall like snow
Outside my window I see
Men sweeping the streets

Grandmom enjoying the sakura from my apartment, while visiting Tokyo.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fatness First-BBQ Chicken Cafe

Grape Drink-check.
Selection of Sauces-check.
Fried Chicken Wrapped in FOIL-CHECK!

Somebody must have lived in the hood for this one. I have never seen fried chicken sold wrapped in plastic and wax paper, with crispy fried outside, served with potato wedges, and grape drink outside of the corner spots or the Amish stands at the market. It is called "BBQ" Chicken & Cafe but it should just be called Fried Chicken & Sauces. I didn't even bother to see any BBQ sauce options. It served 2 piece combos or additional chicken pieces (over priced) with the option of hot sauce (sort of a Texas Pete flavor or thai sweet chili sauce). Japanese have got this one right. It is all fried in olive oil too. They also offer a large selection of fried chicken sandwiches and chicken fingers.

It was delicious and did cause the itus immediately, which I tried to fight off but I ended up sleeping on my grandmothers shoulder on our bus ride back to Shibuya. Thanks to Mike for treating us to this one!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Technological Advances

Japan's electronic stores have nice offers if you're willing sign-up for certain services or make purchases. I decided to get reliable wireless for my laptops since I started grad school and I'm about to move and will spend crucial half hours on the trains where I can be doing work. Japan, surprisingly, isn't wired well at all. Wi-Fi locations are difficult to find making that built in wireless inaccessible. I went to purchase a wireless USB that uses cell phone service areas as Internet service. While in Yodobashi Camera, I kept an E-Mobile representative for an hour and a half to explain, completely in Japanese, how the device worked and the contract details. He then offered me a free PSP or new Nintendo DSi with my purchase of the wireless and service. It also came with a wireless router, and I could walk out of the store with all 3 items priced at ¥100 ($0.88). I asked what was the catch, and of course they want your soul for 2 years of service. Well I picked the black DSi (with the ashy matte outside like the MacBook-I can't stand that texture!) I'm not a big gammer but I figured I can play Japanese language games, Bust-a-Move, and Tetris of course!

I still can't believe the ¥100 purchase. I wonder, like Jay-Z's single I'm titling, "When The Money Goes and The Bills Stay", will I truly benefit from this recession and the low $0.88 USD to ¥100 rate?


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BirthDai with My Tokyo Family

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Dai in Europe

Photos from my first trip to Europe
Paris, Brussels, London and Amster...DAM!

I visited my Soror in Paris from December 20-24, 2008. I went to all of the tourist spots, went inside Louis's crib-The Palace, ate real crepes with real chocolate, had too much wine and cheese, smoked a Cuban cigar-which was nasty, ate official macaroons at THE Laduree, and realized French is really hard to speak and understand! The men are beautiful and they dress fly.

We took a train to Brussels on Christmas Eve to visit Cherie's friend Anne. Her family let us eat Christmas dinner with them. The family is beautiful and it was fun speaking FrEnglish with the kids. I ate official Belgium Waffles and Chocolate. I'm sorry Hershey, but I don't know what American chocolate companies are doing! Too much water I guess? One thing that bugged me to death was the amount of horrible graffiti all over. From Paris along the train tracks all the way into Brussels, the tagging was ridiculous. You will see how they ruined the city's beauty by making a mess all over. If you are going to do it, do it right! Brussels is really chill, more so than Paris. The tourist spots were nice to see, but that Pissing Boy Statue was weird. I'm glad I was able to use the 4 French words I picked up in Paris. Everyone speaks French!

We went to London from December 27-January 1st! We had to bring in the New Year right! We flew from Belgium to London. By that time we had caught a cold, but was determined to go to the club. We had a great time with the party people and got up with our new friends again for New Years Eve. London is super diverse and the speak English-yes. But also many people spoke Arabic. I'm determined to raise my kids in Europe until they know 3 languages then we can move. Shopping in London was crazy and I even caught Harrod's huge sale. I must go back there when it is warm to go sightseeing, to go to more clubs, shop (as long as the pound stays down), and meet more beautiful people! They need to do something about that heavy, old money! Pences suck to carry around! We seen all of the famous landmarks, and I loved our tourguide who was from Chicago-hilarious go figure! I visited the Tate Modern Museum which is huge and excellent. I wish I had more time in there, definitely hit that up if you go.

XXX Ain't Neva Lie! I will be going back when it is warm and I can enjoy the flowers and more museums...I'm not going to tell you anymore so don't ask about it! Just know everything is true! The coffeeshops, the girls in the windows, the legal greens, etc. And you think Vegas is the spot-NOT!

Thank you Cherie! You were the best tour guide ever! I can't wait to travel with you again! I love you everyDAI!


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