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DaiTime Japan with Daisha "Daiwu" Hunter

Friday, February 19, 2010

Black Love Below for Haiti Vflyer

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black Love Below for Haiti: Tokyo Based Haiti Benefit

ENTokyo, in collaboration with Midas Lounge, is producing a charity benefit to support the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort. The theme is a celebration of Black love music for Black History Month, benefiting Haiti's earthquake relief efforts titled, "Black Love Below for Haiti."
**This is a non-smoking event**
2,000yen w/1 drink (500yen All Black Dress Code Discount)
Historians of Black Love Music: DJ C. Geez (UCC) & DJ Ronin

Raffles will be held with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

*In addition to this love celebration, free condoms and chocolates will be provided for all attendees to encourage safety and awareness during this Valentine season.

“Black Love Below for Haiti”
A Black History Month Love Music Celebration
Benefitting The Haiti Earthquake Fund through

Enjoy a night of partying to your favorite Black Love Grooves while spreading love and awareness in our international community of Tokyo.


Entrance Fee:
¥2,000 w/1 drink
(¥500 Discount: Black Dress Code "All Black Everything")

Hosted by:
Mariko Lochridge
Kwabena "Pretty Kobe" Oppong
Daisha Hunter

Historians of Black Love Music by:
DJ C.Geez (UCC) & DJ Ronin

Sponsored by ENTokyo & Club Midas

+Proceeds will benefit the Haiti Earthquake Fund through

+Make love in this club with champagne toasts, chocolates, and donations!

+Raffle to be held with full proceeds going to charity.

+Free condoms and AIDS awareness items from the AIDS Prevention Information Network

Brought to you by ENTokyo & Club Midas


Date: 2/21 Sun 18:00-22:00
Place: Midas (

Mariko Lochridge-Pretty Kobe Oppong-Daisha Hunterの呼びかけでチャリティーパーティー


Admission: 2000円with 1drink

DJs: C. Geez (UCC) & Ronin


Gift Sponsorship Support

AIDS Prevention Network
Bikini Saketen
Boudoir Spa
Gye Nyame
The Pink Cow

Media Support

Fox TV International Japan

Benetton Wants You: It's My Time Global Casting in Tokyo

Join the Facebook Group for Tokyo.

Date: 2/12/2010
Time: 19:00-22:00
DJs: DJ Peli
Place: La Fabrique
Audition Recorded by Selwa Sweidan

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, an Italian apparel brand available in 120 countries, is auditioning models from around the world for its fall and winter campaign in 2010. The selected 20 models will be joining the photo shoot in NYC. Celebrating the launch of the global online casting campaign, 'IT'S:MY:TIME' Benetton Japan will be holding an open casting event at LA FRABRIQUE with music entertainment provided by DJ PELI and KILIMANJARO.
Benetton continues to celebrate diversity and originality of individuals and is looking for people with this unique quality, style and look. You can express your originality through playing music, doing yoga, or anything that shows who you are in one minute in front of the camera. The movie files will be uploaded onto Benetton's official website ( for all people around the world to see and vote! Come join this open casting to express yourself, show your own style and performance!
If you decide that you don't want to participate in the audition, you can still enjoy the dance floor with DJ PELI and KILIMANJARO, the original fashionistas representing Tokyo style.

120カ国に展開するイタリアン・ブランド、 『UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON』が、2010年秋冬広告モデルを大募集!! 世界中から選び抜かれた最終候補20名は、その後NYCにて広告ビジュアルの撮影に招待されます。2/9-3/16まで、オンライン上での公式動画オー ディション『It’s My Time』が開催されるのを記念して、ベネトン ジャパンがLa Fabriqueにて公開モデル・オーディションを行います。
ベネトンは、人々の多様性や個性を称賛するブランドです。『It’s My Time』キャンペーンでは、オリジナリティーにあふれる個性的なモデルを探しています。当日は、『It’s My Time』に参加したい!モデルになりたい!という方を対象に、イベント会場内で約1分間のショート・インタビュー形式のオーディションが行われます。得 意な楽器を奏でるも良し、ヨガのポーズをとるも良し、とにかくあなたの個性を1分間でアピール! 撮影された動画は、後日世界中の人々がチェックするオフィシャルサイト(にアップロードされ、お気に入りの動画に投票する公開オーディション・システムです。来シーズン、の120カ国が注目するベネトン広告を飾るのは、あなたかもしれません!
もちろん、オーディションに参加しなくてもDJ PeliとKILIMANJAROの東京スタイルを代表するファッショニスタ達のダンスフロアーで楽しんで!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ヌヌ オススメ:The NuNu Reco Report

Just in time for Valentine season, an ear stimulant that is sure to get all digital girls and boys in computer love. Don Ghotti of Felicitous Records presents Candyland Gothica: An Electronic Love Story. Taking an “808 & Heartbreaks” approach (minus the depression and abuse of Auto-Tunes), this album makes the electro-hop/techno sounds of relationships acceptable in a club atmosphere. The heavily synthed album has a pleasing arrangement of pulsating tracks, harmonious vocal dressings, and befitting lyrics throughout the theme. Don “Ghotti” Pitts was able to create a unique audible experience without being whisked in a cliché niche by letting the world know “It’s Felicitous Bitch!”

Recommendation for DJs That Play:
Baltimore Club

Visit for your free download now!

-Daisha S. Hunter, ENTokyo
“The Media Geisha”
DJ Dai*Light plays Don Ghotti for artists at Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo Anti-Art School Burlesque Events

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First Night with Saddique and His Was the Longest

...NAAN I’ve ever seen! It seemed to be 1 foot or longer! The curry servings were small compared to other places I’ve been, but maybe that was the set I chose. I’m not complaining because I was struggling to finish it all. I ordered the 2 curry, 1 naan, rice, and mini salad set. The salad had a specially made, bright orange-colored, black peppered sprinkled dressing. It was thick like a French dressing and good, yet not over bearing as the color suggested. There was a big serving of yellow rice hidden under the long naan. I ordered butter chicken and lamb curry, one sweet and one spicy.

For 1,200 yen, the set was perfect. Usually menus make you choose rice or naan, but having both made sopping up my curry even more enjoyable. The lamb curry wasn’t too spicy and the lamb cuts were extra tender. I pushed myself to eat all of the curry and saved my morsels of chicken from drowning. I savored every bite. To accompany my meal, instead of the typical mango lassi, I opted for my favorite, sweet purple stuff-cassis. I thought I was just ordering a fruit lassi, but it turned out to be a cocktail with cassis liquor-やった! It was delicious and only 500. Needless to say, the itus had me before I reached Shinjuku station!

There are multiple locations of Saddique’s Indian & Pakistani restaurant chains around Tokyo. They include the South Indian Cuisine, Asian Dining and Dong Khoi chains serving Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian dishes. Find out for yourself!

Fatness First: Indian Food @ Saddique’s

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fatness First: Blame It On The Alcohol

I had to get up close and personal with this one. I spotted this lemon wine cooler with 5% alcohol and 5% real lemon at a display in the grocery store. The man's face caught my attention. Then I couldn't believe when I got closer that they actually put a gold tooth on the bottle's label! Japan! (SIGH!)


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